Sudha lives in Hawaii with her husband. 
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About the Artist

          Breaking away from the influence of traditional and modern artists, Sudha Achar explores new territories in her paintings and sculpture.  Sudha's works invoke vigorous emotionality, coming from a deep immersion in the material of her work and the process of its creation.  She says, "Art is a desire to answer an instinct and sculpture is a war with time".  Her works incorporate elegant formal compositions and abstract concepts.

The source of inspiration for her work is memory of her native land of India, its culture, its ancient temples and textiles, and its people who she believes have an innate and pervasive good taste reflected in the art of their daily life.  Her paintings encompass exuberant color and elegant design elements.  Her aesthetic sense is a blend of her eastern origin and her life in the west.  As a physician, her work is nuanced with added sensitiveness by the knowledge of thousands of deeply personal histories of her patients.

   Inspired by the dignity and power acquired with aging, her sculptural style imposes a vocabulary of fracturing in the deliberate work of her hand.  Many of her works carry these indefinite marks, which may be read as signs of internationality or the passage of time.  Sudha says, "I work without a theory.  I am guided by unconscious forces as I move through the process of making of sculpture or a painting, led by an idea that I come to know only gradually as it begins to develop".

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