• 3¾" Anodized Titanium #J032

3¾" Anodized Titanium J032

These earrings are a study in elegance and sophistication.  Attractive geometric shapes formed and fabricated in Titanium are sanded for a lustrous gleam. They are then etched and anodized utilizing chemicals and power. An exciting variety of surface colors in blues, magentas, and purples, and golds, and different ranges are obtained.  The shapes are then riveted to form the elegant drops. The ear wires are nonreactive, nonallergenic anodized Titanium wires.

They will enhance and frame the face of the wearer beautifully. They are good for any occasion.

About Anodized Titanium

The allure of Titanium for making jewelry is in the colorations, brilliant and subtle when it is anodized. The range variation is from steel blue, brilliant blue, purple, magenta, reds, oranges, and yellow gold tones. it is possible to create the finest nuances and flowing transitions. it is an industrial metal and is used in building air and space crafts. it is nonreactive and is nonallergenic and is used as surgical implants.

Titanium offers several challenges in making jewelry. It is a hard metal, harder than steel, which means that designs are often strict in form. it does not lend itself to soldering as do precious metals.

The German jewelers Reiner Brandtner and Hans-Georg Pesch caused a sensation in the early 80s by exhibiting their experimental jewelry and sculptural objects as do precious metals.

The late Enid Kaplan, working in New York, explored and produced attractive jewelry in Titanium, with some unusual effects. I admire her work.

The metal Titanium is named after the oldest deity of the Greeks but was not discovered until relatively recently. Perhaps the gods wished to keep the metal for themselves, for its unique characteristics. it is a fact that it is the 10th most abundant element on earth. 

Art Jewelry Attributes
Jewelry Materials Anodized Titanium
Type Earrings

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3¾" Anodized Titanium #J032

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