Privacy Policy

Effective as of Feb 1, 2021

This is the Privacy Policy of the website. The website is owned and operated by me, Sudha Achar, an individual, and an artist. It describes the personal information I might collect from users of my website as part of the normal operation of my website, and how I use this information. Any information I collect is only provided to third parties for the processing of a sale of my artwork.

On my website I provide information about myself and my artwork for my customers and other users.

By using or creating a personal account on my website, you consent to my collecting and using your personal information as necessary to provide you my artwork or other services or information.

My website uses a few cookies. The cookies do not collect personal data or used to collect tracking information. The cookies used by the software I use for my website are the following:

  • affiliate - used to identify affliates (I don't have affliates at the present time)
  • currency - used to define the currency in which product prices are shown
  • language - used to determine which language will load
  • amazon_cache - used if any Amazon extensions are used (none used)
  • sessions - this cookie holds information on user sessions

How Your Information is Used

I use your personal information to provide sales and services to you. I do not use the informmation I receive from you in any other way.

If you sign up to receive my newsletter, you will receive the information, promotional material, and any offers contained in the newsletter.

What Information Do We Collect?

If you create an account on, or use a form on my website to communicate with me, the information you supply to do so is collected. I do not collect any other information about you.

If you use a credit card to make a purchase on, the payment processors I use handle all credit card information.

Disclosure of Your Information

I do not disclosure any of your information to anyone for any reason other than what is necessary to process sales.

If you have questions, concerns or if you would like more detailed information, please email me at