"Sudha, your pieces for the AZ Designer Craft &Art exhibition are wonderful. I always like the work you do."

-Barbara Kingdon

"Thank you, I think the strength of your work is amazing. March on Sudha. Faith. Luv"

-BRN Studio

"When I wear the jewelry you made I feel beautiful & quite special. Also connected to your spirit in a most delightful way."

-Dorothy Heimrick

"Your jewelry makes me feel good, unlike anything else I wear. Makes me feel naturally beautiful."

-Taylor Cockerham, Architect.

"I find it so intriguing to see your jewelry and paintings side by side.....paintings are so emotionally driven and perhaps the jewelry is thought driven. I think that's a good way to maintain balance in your life. So wonderful to listen to you this morning."

-Cathy Ross

"Wonderful paintings. Lots of depth you have by combining colors that have a different feel to them. Some areas seem to leap off the canvas while others anchor the image. It all works together with a believable relationship. I see a narrative and the ending is up to the viewer to complete. Elicits a kind of mystery. A sense of the unknown to be."

-Madeline Smidt

"Your jewelry, both the pendant and earrings, are stunning!"

-Micky Jansen

"Noteworthy painters working in an abstract mode include Sudha Achar, who also has three elegant marble sculptures in the show."

-Virginia Wageman, Art Critic, Honolulu Observer

"Like like like. The symmetry of the jewelry is exquisite. Simplicity is perfect.

NOW THE PAINTING! l would like to dive right in and roll around in it. What fun. Thanks for your talent."

-BDN Studios

"Amazing artwork. So much emotion, energy, and movement. Very exceptional. I am still continuing to enjoy looking at them on my computer. Paintings are done with such expression and immediacy! Not worried and wonderful.

The ring is so simple, beautiful, and sculptural.


"It reminds me how much more I like the ceramic sculpture over time. I caught myself musing about it the other day. It was pure joy at how much I enjoy having it in my home."

-Steve Freehill

"Colgo anche l occasione per esprimere la mia stima e i miei ringraziamenti al Centro Culturale delle Hawai i dell Est e al suo visionario leader, il presidente Dr. Sudha Achar, per l appoggio dato nel fornire alla comunita mondiale dell arte digitale uno spazio di."

"I also take this opportunity to express appreciation to East Hawai'i Cultural Center and its visionary leader, chairperson Dr. Sudha Achar, for support in providing the world digital art community with a formal museum space to annually showcase our 'cyberart'."


"I love your Amethyst ring."

-Cheryl Tobler